Making Moseley

Consultation for Moseley’s Big Plan in 2010 highlighted a range of projects local people wanted to see in place. These ideas have been put together by local community groups into an action plan for Moseley. If you want to know more come and meet us at the Moseley Street Fair on July 4th 2015 in Moseley Village.

Moseley Walks

Moseley provides many beautiful and interesting places to walk. Here are few of our favourites, to give a flavour of what you can find in and around this area.

Exchange Time

Exchange Time is a new timebank in Moseley, Birmingham and was established in September 2012. Exchange Time is a place where members can trade their time and their services in a unique, money-free environment. Within the timebank, for every hour you spend helping someone, you are entitled to an hour of help in return. At Exchange Time we value everyone’s skills equally, so whatever you can offer, one of your time is worth one hour time credit, to be spent within the timebank as and when you need help.

The Moseley Exchange

The Moseley Exchange is a place to meet, work, and set new projects in motion.

  • Could you use a platform to launch new projects, or just make them better?
  • Do you want flexible work space, business support services and networks all in your neighbourhood?
  • Need access to people you haven't met yet? Need knowledge and information? Need ideas?
  • Starting out, already established, working from home, nowhere to work, meeting clients, making a presentation or just want to think out loud?

Room hire details and rates

Meetings in Moseley

Here are details of our room hire


General news 2016

Life saving equipment for Moseley

Energy Saving Advice

If you are having trouble paying your fuel bills this winter:

  • Call Birmingham's Stay Warm Stay Well helpline 0800 0337 967
  • or try the Government's Home Energy Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 or download the Helping Consumers with Energy guide
  • or visit the Home Heat Helpline website or call them on 0800 33 66 99


    Moseley Community Development Trust is working with partners in the voluntary sector and Birmingham City Council to help residents save energy, money and stay well this winter. The extra help ‘Stay Warm Stay Well’ will offer this year includes:
    • Making sure eligible households receive support from Birmingham Energy Savers to physically improve cold homes;
    • Targeting more help at families with young children;
    • Providing cold weather crisis provision for homeless rough sleepers, and
    • Targeting more help for those with a health risk.

  • The Trust has worked with partners in 2014 to form Birmingham's first Affordable Warmth Partnership and strategy to tackle fuel poverty - this can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.