Moseley Arts Market

Moseley is one of Birmingham's artistic hotbeds, home to many creative people. The Arts Market is a showcase for local talent and the best from further abroad. Held alongside the monthly Farmers' Market (on the final Saturday of the month) you'll find a range of original artworks, traditional and contemporary crafts, and handmade jewellery from professional and semi professional Designer/Makers who will be pleased to talk to you about their work or discuss bespoke commissions. Everything sold at Moseley Arts Market must be produced by the stallholder - we do not allow any bought in or imported crafts.

here are the dates for 2018 (it's the last Saturday in the month, except December):

Season one

  • 28th July
  • Season two

  • 25th August
  • 29th September
  • 27th October
  • 24th November
  • 15th December
  • Moseley on the Move

    the dates for the Moseley Arts Market in the City Centre; around the Cathedral are as follows:

  • Friday 7th September: 9am – 5.30pm
  • Friday 7th December: 9am-5.30pm
  • Selection Criteria

    There is normally a lengthy waiting list to trade at Moseley Arts Market. It should be noted that jewellery is already sufficiently represented. Successful application does not guarantee a place at Moseley Arts Market immediately or regularly and selection is at the discretion of the Market Coordinator.

    To be accepted onto our trader list we will consider the following factors:

    1. Your location We aim to accommodate artists from Moseley whenever possible, though guest artists based in surrounding areas will be considered should their work be under-represented or of considerable quality and interest.
    2. Suitability of your work Priority is given to professional or semi professional designer makers creating items from raw materials. This will include (as example only) artists and photographers creating original pieces of art and related prints, metal workers (including silversmiths) forming jewellery, home accessories and sculptures from unshaped metal, textile artists creating their own fabrics (including weavers, knitters, spinners and feltmakers etc), potters throwing clay, and woodworkers turning or carving blocks of wood.
      Provided that materials are of a high quality and considerable knowledge/expertise is demonstrated we will also consider; textile artists designing and sewing accessories, toys etc; makers of original cards.
      No bought in or imported crafts are traded at Moseley Arts Market and commission based agents are not accepted.
    3. Prices It is expected that products are priced confidently and that both time and materials are accounted for even if either come at no cost to you and any deliberate under cutting of existing traders will not be tolerated.
    4. Your existing opportunities Priority will be given to those it is believed will benefit the most from the opportunity.
    5. Public Liability Insurance Your application will only be considered if you provide evidence that you are insured for third party public liability to the value of £5,000,000.

    Terms and Conditions:


    You may only trade in products described above, which have been made by yourself. Your stall should be attractively presented, at the very least the wooden table top should be covered with a sheet. Trading will be from 9am until 3pm and you should arrive in plenty of time to set up. Should you be delayed, we will hold your space until 9:30 am after which we will ask neighbouring traders to fill the space at no cost to them. You are responsible for taking payment for your goods, and staffing your stall and Moseley Arts Market cannot be responsible for any damage or losses you incur. The stalls are covered for public liability but anything that happens between you, a third party, and your products is not. You must be covered by public liability insurance at each market you trade at. It is your responsibility to maintain this and no liability will be accepted by Moseley Arts Market. (If you plan to trade regularly at a market then join the National Market Traders Federation, which includes insurance and is recognised by all market operators) Products must be priced to reflect the quality and skill required to create them and not to deliberately undercut other traders.

    Market Co-ordination

    The Market Coordinator (Steve Boffy) will enforce selection criteria to maintain a high standard of work. The Market Coordinator will ensure all stalls are booked and paid for prior to market date and that no-one else who is direct competition is allocated a space on your block of stalls. This may involve moving traders from their usual space. The Market Coordinator will attempt to fill your cancelled spaces via the existing waiting list or group emails depending on the urgency but does not guarantee that a replacement will be found.

    To check availability or to find out more contact Steve Boffy by email (label your email Moseley Arts Market)

    Download an application form for Season 2, 2018, below, the deadline is Monday 9th July 2018

    Trader info and app form Season 2_2018201 KB